Sanctum Online Group Coaching

The Sanctum Group Coaching – Online 8 Week Program

Starting Tuesday October 2nd, 2019

In this comprehensive, Whole-listic lifestyle design, coaching program, we will not only dissolve your primary concerns, (whether in be financial, career, business, love/relationships or health and vitality)

All of your life’s facets are interconnected, both consciously and unconsciously. This program covers and fulfills all areas in your life, so there are no missing links to your living your best life at the highest potential of who YOU truly ARE.

Get excited as you explore the core essence of who you truly are. Transform your inner world to transform your outer world.

Course Outline:

Using the latest as well as time-honoured tools and techniques from


– Meditation

– Self-Hypnosis

– Feng Shui

– Energy Healing, Pranic Healing

– Soul Genesis

– Superfood nutrition

– Fitness and Functional Movement

1. Your Sacred Inner Space

– Re-discover your core essence

What does that mean?

ALL of us run on subconscious mind patterns and past conditioning

“Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate” – Carl Jung

– But first you have to be wiling to explore and discover the root causes and past conditioning

– And even before that, you have to feel safe and protected to begin this self-exploration

2. Creating Your Sanctuary

– After doing the inner work, we will continue your journey outward and look at your environment, your home, office and even your car, purse and wallet!

“You create your environment and your environment creates you”

We interact with EVERYTHING on a vibrational level, understanding how this effects us and how we can effect our environment – you begin to harness an amazing power and cultivate such respect and honour for the world we live in.

Our personal sanctuary is the place where we rejuvenate, nest, create so we can re-enter the outer world more powerfully, time and again. It is also the place we welcome and receive all the abundance our world has to offer us.

You will also uncover and energetic blocks that may be holding you back in your space.

And most importantly you will learn how to be in total harmony, balance and power in your home and space.

This is where you really understand the power of ONENESS!

3. Optimizing Your  Body Vessel.

We are in this physical body that is meant to last 100 years

– Optimizing our minds and body with high vibrational foods and strengthening with functional, safe movement.

– Allowing yourself to recover and rejuvenate

– Self care guidance

– Defining beauty

4. Aligning your Inner World with your Outer World.

– now that we have worked through your inner world, you will have the greatest clarity, empowerment and Knowing what your soulful purpose is in this lifetime.

– Here is the time when you call all your power back, and stand in that power and share your transformation with others – for others.

– Finally discover your purpose in this life and world!

Leave no doubt, you have a mission to fulfill in this life, you will get very clear on what that is for you. This does not mean making hasty or uncomfortable decisons, it does mean that you will experience a level of expansion and growth. This will enable you to enhance all the facets in your life, you will know how everything is interconnected and use that to enrich and light up your entire life!


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