The Magnetic Love Method – A Transformative Self-Love Breakthrough Program to Attract the Love You Want

If you are fine with being single then this may not be for you….But if you can take a moment and go inside your heart of hearts, erase any pains from the past, make all the if only’s and what if’s disappear…Is there any inkling… any possibility at all, for you to be in a loving, enriching, healthy relationship?

If there is a whisper of yes — then please read on…

As a little girl, I had no role model of a healthy relationship. My father was an alcoholic, verbally abusive, mean to my mother, and physically abusive to me and my siblings.

He was also a womanizer, then turning around and accusing my mom of being jealous and paranoid. I prayed that my mom would leave him, but we lived humbly as it was and I now know that between cultural beliefs and financial strain, this wasn’t an option for her. Many, many days we went to bed with screaming and yelling and woke up to it as well.

My parents finally did separate after 33 years. It wasn’t only until I got into high school and started hanging around in friend’s homes that I realized that a husband and wife actually spoke nicely to each other.

My parents were very traditional from the Philippines and as I grew into a young adult, and started dating, the emphasis was for me to get married. That’s it. Get married. Not marry the right guy, not find a man who is responsible, ambitious, or caring. It was just – get married.

It was only very late in life, did I realize that I had a deep underlying belief, that I was not good enough and not worthy of anything good (I didn’t even know what “good” was in a relationship!)

Nonetheless, I dated any guy that paid any attention to me, and by 22 I was pregnant with a “nice” handsome, tall, guy. (I say tall, because my Dad did say marry someone tall actually, being Filipino we have the genetics to be short — this was his idea of marriage advice!?)

I was still in university at the time and soon after the birth of my daughter, her father succumbed to being a non-thriving pothead. At this time, I myself developed similar anger and rage inherited from my father. This served me somewhat, as I was angry enough at him to leave him.

I always left the door open to him and he never walked through to be a father. And so I raised my daughter as a sole support parent, a true single mom, with no physical or financial support from her father.

I did date here and there and got married when my daughter was 5 years old. The marriage barely lasted 2 years. Is it surprising that I attracted a man with anger issues? And again, I was angry enough to know that I was not going to live the rest of my life to man with the same rage as my father and divorced him.

Again I dated here and there, but this time I wanted to be very careful who I brought into her life. In turns out the majority of my dates didn’t last too long anyways – they would mostly break up with me or I would do something to cause that. (Can you see a pattern here!??)

By the time my daughter was 13, I was finally in a long-term relationship of just over 2 years! A good-looking, fit man, 10 years my senior, with a daughter 4 years older than mine, attending a US college on a soccer scholarship. (It appeared that I was a sucker for good looks and with no substance!)

At his suggestion, we finally moved in together. So I packed up my house and we got ourselves a modern condo, the perfect place for my daughter, in the city hub with transit at our door.

Within 3 months of living together, he left his email open while “he traveled to visit his daughter at Eastern Michigan University” for the weekend.

Then I discovered he had been cheating on me for the last 3 months, all the while saying he was taking weekend trips to see his daughter. I was to find out that he had been cheating on me sporadically throughout our entire relationship. All the red flags had been there and I’d been too naive, feeble, and manipulated to listen to my instincts.  

This completely broke me. I was 37 years old, I felt like the biggest failure. It was one of the darkest times in my life, I felt humiliated, guilty, ashamed, every negative emotion ran over me like a freight train. I not only failed me but I failed my daughter (again). How could I have allowed this to happen to me? What did she have that I didn’t? (Apparently, a lot because I even made a list!) What was wrong with me? A black cloud stayed over me.

A girlfriend finally intervened and said to me, “Ivy you need to look at why you keep attracting men like this into your life?” We had met at an intensive personal development program and also at this time the wildly popular “Law of Attraction” movie was circulating.

Thoughtful single woman looks out the window home, self care, personal growth.

This question cut me deep.

But I took it very seriously.

And went to work, deep inner work.

All my friends and family, said for me to be alone, take a break from men, work on myself – and they meant it with all kindness.

I took out all the tools that I had accumulated from all the self-development programs, workshops, courses, books, and videos that I had accumulated over the years, and implemented them all in my life. Within 4 weeks, the cloud started to lift. And I felt this overwhelming sense of love for myself, that I didn’t know could be possible. I became keenly aware that I did not love or respect myself before. This brought on inspiration and healing for me.

I thought, if I deny myself a relationship then he wins. If I deny myself the love that I truly deserve than it is only I, that loses out.

I then joyfully went back to online dating, this time, with a strict protocol in place, and in 2 weeks I met him, the ONE. Upon our second date we took down our profiles and a child and a blended family later its been 12 years. And together we have built a prosperous, ever-evolving, passionate, life together – more than I could ever dream. 

The mess of life transformed me and now it’s my passion to help other women become their best self. To guide other women to renewal and inspiration.

Ivy is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and Certifed Peak Performance Coach (with Distinction) with the Flow Genome Project – a world leader in the science of Flow States and Peak Performance.

Also a Trainer of Hypnotherapy and has expertise in the Energy Healing Arts – as a Feng Shui Consultant and Pranic Healing Practitioner.

How to find a high value man

The Magnetic Love Method is a 7-week program, designed for the single woman with a full life. With 40 easy-to-do lessons, practices, and guides, in addition, there are 7 weekly live 1-hour coaching sessions with me, to assist you in your transformation with grace and ease. (Recorded in case you miss it)

The process is simple and seamless, designed so that you enrich and enhance the best of you. You do not need to sacrifice or give up anything.

You’ll become empowered as you align with your inner desires, overcome hidden obstacles, develop more courage and confidence that overflows into your financial, professional life, and have an increase in physical vitality, joy, and vibrancy.

In this program you will:

> You will release, inner resistance and underlying barriers to love

> Radically let go of any ties, old hurts, and cynicism about past relationships.

> Renew your belief that a kind, heart-centered, and soulful love does exist. Be truly liberated from the past!

> Discover the secrets of becoming a magnet for joy, beauty, and all things true, that overflows in all areas of your life.

> Attract the right person for you – a partner who enhances and enriches the life that you already love.

> Become empowered as you wake up to your true worthiness, your deservedness

> Elevate your potential to love and be loved.

> Finally end all self-sabotaging or disruptive patterns and expectations that lead to disappointment.

> Trust your intuition and get attuned to your personal energy, to uplift you and anyone that you encounter.

> Stay true to your high standards and be in total integrity with your deepest values.

> Joyfully attract the high-value man that complements you, and desires similar growth and partnership.

Welcome miracles and garner the potential for unprecedented happiness and a fulfilled future.

This is my signature program upon which my life’s work and calling are built around. I am committed to guiding women to live a holistic, complete life, that is true to their most inner desires. You don’t have to be alone – unless this what truly makes you happy!

If you have an inkling of desire to be in a fruitful, prosperous, partnership, with someone who loves you deeply, cares for you, and accepts you for all that you are, someone to share the high’s and low’s of life with –  then this is for you.

What is this worth to you?

I believe with all my being it is so very possible, it happened to me at a time when I was very broken and so confused.

I believe it can happen for you too, it starts with a simple intention. I hope you will explore it.

Let down your guard for just a moment, and open up yourself again to possibility.

I take a stand for all that is possible for you now — not for what happened to you or who you were in the past. 

Choose this program if you have sincere intentions of amplifying your self-love and you’re ready to let go of doubt and skepticism about having an enriching partnership in the future.

And you are ready to live in total vitality and to honor yourself to the fullest.

The Magnetic Love Method consists of these 4 Pillars:

Awareness: Uncover core wounds and unfulfilled needs, ingrained from childhood, cultural beliefs, or past events. Disintegrate subconscious programming and conditioning blocking you from love. Understanding how you operate on a neuro-physiological level, gives you a clear vision of how and why you make decisions. 

Alignment: Gain clarity on your most treasured values, and align to that in a way that makes you whole, complete, and fully accepted. Embody the relationship you desire. Its not about perfection, its about a consistent, easy progression to step into the life you want, and welcome the relationship you want.

Attention: Training on an intuitive and energetic level, to gain a deep-seated self-trust, and quiet courage. Being attuned to your inner knowing, gives you flow in your actions and frees your time up for the things and people that matter most in your life. 

Amplify: Radiate, magnetize and amplify your joy, passion, and life path – very succinctly — so that you are irresistible and others are drawn to you.

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