Flow Fusion Empowerment Coaching

Flow Fusion Empowerment Program

The Intention of this program is that you will explore, discover, and venture into a new way of being – one that not only enlivens and empowers you, but also that you would have refined strategies which will assist you during times when the path looks steep and rocky.

We have wholly invested our time, energy and money into embodying the teachings we are present in this program, so you can experience your own personal transformation, and to pay it forward to the planet.

It is through overcoming our own personal adversities that we have the passion, compassion, and devotion to provide you with the fuel to embolden and lighten up the path that is unique to you, and for you to share with the world.

We want you to achieve your goals by guiding you through your journey to unlock your inner powers and achieve outer results in all areas of your life!

Our work is designed to fuse together mind-body-spirit techniques and is an interdisciplinary methodology, coalescing neuroscience, NLP, ancient wisdom and alternative healing technologies, that have stood the test of time.

We are in the midst of a conscious evolution, during a time when the energies of the planet are shifting faster than any other time in history. Your contribution is deeply valued, important and utterly needed.



 What is the State of Flow and Why Does It Matter?

Flow is a state of being, when you look best and perform your best. In the last 20 years the scientific evidence of the benefits of being in Flow staggering.  

+500 % boost in executive productivity – McKinsey
– 490 % boost in accelerated learning – DARPA

– 430 % increase in creative problem solving  – Universty Sydney

Flow used to be reserved for the extreme, adventure athlete, uber meditating monks, or the warrior martial art master. 
But it is NOT.  The every day person can do EXTRA-ordinary feats, and feel an enormous sense of fulfillment. This is the power of accessing flow.
Do you remember a time in your life when you were “in the Zone”?

When you were so enraptured in doing something that you lost track of time because the moment was joyful, super fun and even delightfully challenging?

You felt free, connected.
That is Flow.

It could have been at a music concert, or on a hike in nature, or swimming in a beautiful beach, getting lost in a book, surfing, kayaking, in a deep conversation with a friend, a yoga class, an amazing party or meditation session.

Here is the thing – there are many micro and macro states of Flow, and it’s different for everyone and different at various times in our lives. 
One thing is for sure:
the benefits of having more Flow can make a profound, meaningful impact in your life.

Communication Mastery 


There are so many layers to communcation. In the Flow Fusion Empowerment Coaching Program, we uncover the deepest layers of communication, from the neuroscience of how our brain processes information, to how our meta-programs and past conditioning, affects how we perceive and interpret the world.

Language is the crucible of any successful communication. We also cover the hidden language the people use, and we practice the cues and nuances of the various languages.

We also highly value our communication to self, much of which is done sub-consciously, and how that transforms and manifests into our material life, business and inter-personal relationships.

We use various maps and models, on communication and how it leads to fulfilling relationships and outcomes in every area of your life, from business, to personal.

Love partner

Embodied Vitality

Health is the wealth!  With vibrant health, then absolutely anything can be accomplished!  We all “know” how to be good in health. Or do we? End self-sabotage to your health and fitness regiment.

While this is not exercise or nutrition program, we are different in that we don’t treat this as separate. It is an essential part of the WHOLE-ness of a successful living.

Gain a new found respect for your body and your spirit.  By understanding who you are at a spirit level, you will gain a huge honour and warrior-like status in keeping yourself in good health.  When change starts happening on a spirit and cellular level, it becomes very difficult to revert back to an unhealthy lifestyle.

– Learn how to achieve a balance of real living with fit living

– Making the most out of superfoods. bio-hacking.

– High vibrational eating

– High vibrational mindset

Ivy Lim Health Coach

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