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FACT: Your LIFE and LOVE life can be totally different in 8 Weeks.

💔 Are tired of getting your heart broken?
❤️ Imagine feeling fully supported and loved unconditionally.
💔 Are you frustrated with attracting emotionally unavailable men?
❤️  Imagine having a partner who is deeply committed and wants to grow to new levels with you.
💔 Are you done with giving your all and not feeling valued?
❤️ Imagine life with a co-supportive soul partner.
💔 Are you doubting your ability to find the RIGHT person for you?
❤️ Imagine feeling secure and strong each day as your relationship deepens to levels you never imagined. 

💔 Has your ex, left you confused and insecure?❤️ Imagine feeling empowered and confident that the decisions you are making are all adding up for an incredible future. 

💔 Are you feeling stuck in negative patterns or perhaps you may even be self-sabotaging yourself?

❤️ Strengthen your intuition and magnetism, to make dating, romance and love decisions with ease and joy. STOP wasting your precious time!

Welcome to The Magnetic Love Method

The Magnetic Love Method is for you if:

You want to release inner resistance and underlying barriers to love.

You want to be liberated from negative past relationship habits once and for all.

You want to discover the secrets of being a magnet for love, joy and prosperity in ALL areas of your life.

You’re ready to attract a partner that will enhance your life!

You want to learn how to use manifestation techniques and energy healing so you can attract the right relationship.


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Hi, I'm Ivy Marie

Ivy is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and Certifed Peak Performance Coach (with Distinction) with the Flow Genome Project – a world leader in the science of Flow States and Peak Performance. Also a Trainer of Hypnotherapy and has expertise in the Energy Healing Arts – as a Feng Shui Consultant and Pranic Healing Practitioner.

As a little girl, I had no role model of a healthy relationship.

My father was an alcoholic, verbally abusive, mean to my mother, and physically abusive to me and my siblings.

He was also a womanizer, then turning around and accusing my mom of being jealous and paranoid. I prayed that my mom would leave him, but we lived humbly as it was and I now know that between cultural beliefs and financial strain, this wasn’t an option for her. Many, many days we went to bed with screaming and yelling and woke up to it as well.

My parents were very traditional from the Philippines and as I grew into a young adult, and started dating, the emphasis was for me to get married. That’s it. Get married. Not marry the right guy, not find a man who is responsible, ambitious, or caring. It was just – get married.

It was only very late in life, did I realize that I had a deep underlying belief, that I was not good enough and not worthy of anything good (I didn’t even know what “good” was in a relationship!)

Nonetheless, I dated any guy that paid any attention to me, and by 22 I was pregnant with a “nice” handsome, tall, guy. (I say tall, because my Dad did say marry someone tall actually, being Filipino we have the genetics to be short — this was his idea of marriage advice!?)

So I did get married and it was awful. I divorced him after 2 years.

And few years after that, in another long-term relationship, I was humiliated and cheated on. I was broken down and defeated.

I was at the lowest point in my life.

I somehow found it in myself to “get to work.” On deep inner work.

All my friends and family told me to take a break from men, work on myself – and they meant it with all kindness.

I took out all the tools that I had accumulated from all the self-development programs, workshops, courses, books, and videos that I had accumulated over the years, and implemented them all in my life.

Within 4 weeks, the cloud started to lift. And I felt this overwhelming sense of love for myself, that I didn’t know could be possible. I became keenly aware that I did not love or respect myself before. This brought on inspiration and healing for me.

I thought, if I deny myself a relationship then he wins. If I deny myself the love that I truly deserve then it is only I, that loses out.

I then joyfully went back to online dating, this time, with a strict protocol in place, and in 2 weeks I met him, the ONE. Upon our second date, we took down our profiles and a child and a blended family later it’s been 12 years.

Together we have built a prosperous, ever-evolving, passionate, life together – more than I could ever dream. 

The mess of life transformed me and now it’s my passion to help other women become their best selves. I’m here to guide YOU to renewal and inspiration.

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What Clients are saying!

"I've invested thousands of dollars in different programs, but I've never seen a program focused on uncovering and understanding the root cause. As a result, I experienced massive awareness and insight attracting new men into my life, almost instantly. Ivy is a true professional with incredible insights to help you attract the right type of partner into your life."
Magnetic Love Client
"I am really enjoying the course, so glad I took it. After last night I was thinking I should not settle for the situation that I am in now. I want a real relationship. Grateful for this clarity...”
Magnetic Love Client
"My communication to him and understanding of myself got so much better, for the first time I spoke to him about my concerns and didn't get triggered and he actually was able to finally see my side of things, what a huge valuable shift!”
Magnetic Love Client
"Out of the blue a couple of guys who I thought was in the friend zone, started calling me, checking in on me and asked me to go out with them..."
Magnetic Love Client



7 Wondrous Weeks

With 40 easy-to-do lessons, practices, and guides, in addition, there are 8 weekly live 1-hour coaching sessions with me, to assist you in your transformation with grace and ease. (Recorded in case you miss it)

Tools & Meditations

To help you become aware of underlying, unconscious beliefs, so you can now operate from a place of truth, authenticity, courage and freedom.


8 LIVE 90-minute Coaching Sessions. In our weekly coaching calls, we will explore what may be blocking you from having a truly fulfilled and purposeful life and love.

Bust Blocks

We will uncover core wounds and unfilled needs ingrained from childhood, cultural beliefs or past events. Learn to disintegrate subconscious programming blocking you from love.


Stop wasting your precious time, use the energetic principles of the Law of Attraction, coupled with the power of self-love to get your dream relationship, with easy step-by-step guidance and live coaching. You’ll become empowered as you align with your highest values, overcome hidden obstacles, develop more courage and confidence that overflows into your financial, professional life, and have an increase in physical vitality, joy, and vibrancy.

LIFETIME ACCESS being offered for a Limited Time.

Don't miss out on this incredible value!

Total $5,264

Total $997

Guided Meditations 

Value of $197 Included


Energy Healing & Clearing Practices 

Value $297 Included

Developing & Heightening Intuition 

Value of $297 Included

Feng Shui Module 

Value of $497 Included

Daily Peak Performance Habits 

Value of $97 Included

Cutting Edge Research Theory & Models for Communication, Behaviour & Relationships Psychology 

Value of $997 Included

Flow State Science Module 

Value of $597 Included

Bio-Hacking for Flow & Peak Performance 

Value of $397 Included

Online Coaching through the entire program 

Value of $597 Included

8, 90-Minute Live Coaching Sessions 

Value of $997 Included


Release, inner resistance and underlying barriers to love. And you’re prepared to radically let go of any ties, old hurts, and cynicism about past relationships.

Renew your belief that a kind, heart-centred, and soulful love does exist and be truly liberated from your past!

To discover the secrets of becoming a magnet for joy, beauty, and all things true, that will overflow in ALL areas of your life.

To finally end all self-sabotaging or disruptive patterns and expectations that lead to disappointment.

You want to learn how to trust your intuition and get attuned to your personal energy, to uplift you and anyone that you encounter.

If you’re ready to joyfully attract the high-value partner that compliments you and your desires for similar growth and partnership.


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Ready for LOVE?

This simple and seamless process is designed for you to enrich and enhance your life without having to sacrifice anything important to you. 

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