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💔 Are tired of failed relationships and heartbreak pain?

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💔 Are you feeling stuck in negative patterns or perhaps you may even be self-sabotaging yourself?

❤️ Strengthen your intuition and magnetism, to make dating, romance and love decisions with ease and joy.

Welcome to the Magnetic Love Method

This FREE training is for you if:

You’re okay with being single BUT feel it would be nice to have a meaningful partnership.

You’re ready to attract a partner that will enhance your life, not complicate it!

You are ready to end negative patterns in past relationship once and for all.

You want to discover the secrets of being a magnet for true love, joy and beauty in all areas of your life.

You want to learn how to use manifestation techniques and energy healing so you can attract the RIGHT special someone.

Hi, I'm Ivy Marie

Ivy is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and Certifed Peak Performance Coach (with Distinction) with the Flow Genome Project – a world leader in the science of Flow States and Peak Performance. Also a Trainer of Hypnotherapy and has expertise in the Energy Healing Arts – as a Feng Shui Consultant and Pranic Healing Practitioner.

As a little girl, I had no role model of a healthy relationship.

My father was an alcoholic, verbally abusive, mean to my mother, and physically abusive to me and my siblings.

He was also a womanizer, then turning around and accusing my mom of being jealous and paranoid. I prayed that my mom would leave him, but we lived humbly as it was and I now know that between cultural beliefs and financial strain, this wasn’t an option for her. Many, many days we went to bed with screaming and yelling and woke up to it as well.

My parents were very traditional from the Philippines and as I grew into a young adult, and started dating, the emphasis was for me to get married. That’s it. Get married. Not marry the right guy, not find a man who is responsible, ambitious, or caring. It was just – get married.

It was only very late in life, did I realize that I had a deep underlying belief, that I was not good enough and not worthy of anything good (I didn’t even know what “good” was in a relationship!)

Nonetheless, I dated any guy that paid any attention to me, and by 22 I was pregnant with a “nice” handsome, tall, guy. (I say tall, because my Dad did say marry someone tall actually, being Filipino we have the genetics to be short — this was his idea of marriage advice!?). This relationship didn’t last long at all and I was to be a single mother.

I did marry when my daughter was 6 – it was awful and it failed. Then eventually met someone again, we moved in together, soon after I found out we had been cheating on me. I was ashamed and humiliated.  My past failures were too much for me now. Things went dark before I went to work. Deep inner work.

All my friends and family told me to take a break from men, work on myself – and they meant it with all kindness.

I took out all the tools that I had accumulated from all the self-development programs, workshops, courses, books, and videos that I had accumulated over the years, and implemented them all in my life.

Within 4 weeks, the cloud started to lift. And I felt this overwhelming sense of love for myself, that I didn’t know could be possible. I became keenly aware that I did not love or respect myself before. This brought on inspiration and healing for me.

I thought, if I deny myself a relationship then he wins. If I deny myself the love that I truly deserve then it is only I, that loses out.

I then joyfully went back to online dating, this time, with a strict protocol in place, and in 2 weeks I met him, the ONE. Upon our second date, we took down our profiles. And we are now celebrating 12 years together!

Together we have built a prosperous, ever-evolving, passionate, life together – more than I could ever dream.  

If I could do this, I SO BELIEVE YOU CAN TOO!

The mess of life transformed me and now it’s my passion to help other women become their best selves. I’m here to guide YOU to renewal and inspiration.

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What Clients are saying!

"I've invested thousands of dollars in different programs, but I've never seen a program focused on uncovering and understanding the root cause. As a result, I experienced massive awareness and insight attracting new men into my life, almost instantly. Ivy is a true professional with incredible insights to help you attract the right type of partner into your life."
Magnetic Love Client
"I am really enjoying the course, so glad I took it. After last night I was thinking I should not settle for the situation that I am in now. I want a real relationship. Grateful for this clarity...”
Magnetic Love Client
"Out of the blue a couple of guys who I thought was in the friend zone, started calling me, checking in on me and asked me to go out with them..."
Magnetic Love Client

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