Welcome to The Sanctum

You may have heard that humanity is now experiencing a “Shift” which was made famous because it was so clear on the Mayan Calendar, that this would happen. But even more so it was FELT by millions. You may have also heard the terms, Awakened, Consciousness, Source, Everything is Energy — even Great teachers from Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey are thankfully, bringing such terminologies and new (we think are “new” ) ways of thinking; new ways of Being to the masses. So why is it that now, in the midst of the greatest materialistic time in the history of human kind, where technological advancement is now accessible to almost every corner of the Earth, why is now that human Beings are feeling more unsettled than ever? Why this call to Yoga, to Meditation, to Awaken, to find “Flow”. Why and what does it mean to you? And how can you best harness the power of your own potential? Welcome to the Sanctum. Where building your inner, sacred sanctuary… is just the beginning.
Have your inner world meet the outer world. Have your Inner Purpose, align with your Outer Purpose.

This Lifestyle Design, combines Ancient Wisdom and Quantum physics to help you design the life that you Know is just within reach. This is your final foothold towards the summit of Mountain You.

You may have found yourself, sensing that something is missing, perhaps feel stuck or perhaps wanting a complete overhaul. Here we will take a deep-rooted, in-spirited look at all that you have done and all that you want to do. And create lasting changes, so much so that you can never go back. You have Awakened and now is the time to leap out of that comfortable slumber and step into the life you Know you is just within reach.

Your Vessel

Love partner

Your Vessel – You, your body, your mind, your spirit are the largest energy body that obviously is with you all the time.  The journey starts here, in creating the sacred space, your mind-body temple, to cultivate a life, in YOUR truth and light.

How you do anything is how you do everything. And this is why we start with the business of being you.  Whether you have roadblocks, in your health, finances or relationships, this is where we uncover it all.   Here you will take a step outside, and truly understand your model of the world, how you designed it throughout all this years, through past conditioning and programming.

This will also entail, looking at your physical vitality and going inward to uncover any unknown fears, uncovering root causes, linking any patterns that may be holding you back from Being completely in vitality.  I believe the fitter your mind- body connection, the more physical energy you have, and it’s all directly related to your happiness; happiness and confidence in your relationships, and your ability to create financial wealth, in the most meaningful way.  You may move quickly through this program or you may want to stay here for a while, it all depends on what you discover. For here is where we also uncover any hidden obstacles that you may have to reaching, the divine truth of you and all you know you can be. This is where we ask. What is REALLY stopping you? And are you willing to go inside, clear up any old limiting beliefs and patterns, so you can unlock your truest potential?

I was at the prime years of my physical body, and a traumatic even occurred, whereby I discovered my partner of 3 years was being unfaithful. My world was rocked, this fit Vessel I had worked so hard for, actually meant nothing at all. It didn’t matter what I looked like, no matter how good I looked — I felt that I was never going to be good enough. I was to realize years later, once I discovered the truth of who I was, gave me an unbreakable sense of physical wellness, that no relationship to another person can break.  When you discover how truly connected you are to the grandness of the earth and the vastness of the universe, you will have a re-newed sense of vitality for your vitality. This is so much more than motivation!

Did you the elements (mineral) of your body, when it is burned down to ashes is the same as the earth’s crust?

Yes we are minerally in sync with the earth’s crust.  Calcium, just like the earth’s crust, then phosporous,  and iron and while we are alive our body is similar to that of the planet earth, oxygen and H20.  It is no wonder we feel good when we are in nature,  we are actually returning to our natural habitat.

When you finally understand the truth of who you are and what your body is designed to do, this is lifestyle design will have lasting fulfilling results.


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