What is the Twin Hearts Meditation Technique

I have been meditating regularly for 10 years now. My expectations when I first started meditating was very high. I wanted it all, I wanted to light up my left and right brain power, have superhero 6th sense, become quick like a ninja and have the glowing peace of a monk.  While I have received enormous amounts of benefits from meditation it hasn’t been quite like this!


In fact, some days I would have a long meditation by the lake, find myself getting angry or agitated later on that day. I would say to myself, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I keep my inner peace, cool and calm, even after meditating for so long?”
Despite staying utterly mortal, I nonetheless continued on with my meditation practice.

I didn’t even know that there were different ways to meditate. Back then all the love and light websites had not yet emerged on the internet and meetups on the internet were isolated to the dating sites.


Now, there seems to be a proliferation of meditation techniques on the internet, or maybe just on my web browser since I have most certainly been tagged in the “interested in meditation” demographic profile by now.

Back then, the term Energy Healing was also foreign to me. I categorized it in the “I see dead people” column. Only those, who were either super sensitive, giftedly intuitive or enlightened could be energy healers. At this time, I was also in the midst of conflict with my partner’s ex-wife. I felt so much anger and frustration towards her. The negative effects of stress were already well-known, that I knew I had to get some sort of relief from this.

This is when my client suggested her Energy Healer or this person who does Indian Reiki. Reiki has its origins in Japan, so apparently, Indian Reiki was slightly different. I was wary of this, being fearful of anyone messing around with my energy. She told me how much his healing sessions helped her and so I booked a few sessions with him as well.

And of course, the law of attraction kicks in and yet another client told me how her sister in England (born in India) read Angel Cards and that much of her family were also Pranic Healers. I was intrigued, as I, being of a Catholic background, was down with Angels. So we gathered a handful of friends together and she set up a “Basic Pranic Healing” weekend course for us.


It was in the course, I discovered that Pranic Healing is a formalized method of energy healing, spiritual sciences, and meditation techniques. Their foundation meditation is the Twin Hearts Meditation. For the first time, I was going to learn “how to meditate” properly! Just as a caveat, there is really no wrong way to meditate. In fact, meditation is where you learn to halt judgment. Saying that there is a proper way to meditate is incorrect. Perhaps a better way to say it is, how to meditate efficiently or how to meditate powerfully, or how to get the most out of your meditation.

The Twin Hearts Meditation technique activates 2 energy centers in your body. Your brain or even better from an energetic perspective your “crown chakra” as well as the heart center.
The crown chakra is similar to the halo you see in Saints or the glow around holy, historical figures. Yes, you have it too, maybe a bit dimmer but you have a crown chakra! The heart is well the heart, the center of love and all things warm and fuzzy.

I’ve learned that when you meditate you are actually downloading or generating massive amounts of inner or divine energy. And as Einstein says, all everything is energy and energy must go somewhere. Makes sense, its like when you have all this pent-up anger or resentment inside you and then you just explode on someone. Or when you feel so elated about something that you just want to shout it out loud or high five everyone!


That is the same with meditation. The Twin Hearts technique enables you to keep your energy flowing.

Here are the basic steps to meditate the Twin Hearts way.

1. Do some simple exercise or movements, get your physical body prepared and your blood and cells moving.

2. Sit preferably upright with your feet on the floor.

3. Ask for blessings from your higher self, God, any spiritual helpers, guides, and angels.

4. Activate your heart chakra, by focusing on your heart, smiling a remembering a time when you felt love, joy, peace and/or happiness.

4. Activate your crown chakra, by focusing on your crown, the space in the top of your head and around your head, again remembering a time when you felt, love, joy, peace and/or happiness.

5. Now ask to be a channel of peace and love (based on the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi). I learned that when you do this its impossible to keep in negativity!

6. Hold your hands in front of you, and picture a small ball of earth, and send light to this ball of earth.


7. Bless the earth! Send good vibes and good energy to the earth and everyone in it.

8. Send these same positive vibes and blessing to you, your family, your friends, and even to your business!

9. Put your hands gently down, and now focus on your heart and a light on your crown, simultaneously.

10. As you are doing this silently chant the mantra OM about 12 times.

11. Now meditate in silence for about 3 minutes.

12. Slowly come out of your meditation, then turn your hands downward, and picture light going to earth. Send blessings and positive vibes to Mother Earth! (Again you are releasing energy, keep it flowing and going!)

13. Now give thanks and gratitude to your higher self, God, any spiritual helpers, guides, and angels. (Showing gratitude is also a way to keep the energy going)

14. End your meditation with a smile. Open your eyes and smile!

15. Do basic and simple exercises and stretches again.

I hope this gives you insight on meditation and now the flow of energy!  Stay tuned in for a full video and guided meditation using the Twin Hearts technique!