so many facets to an individual, so many layers, that make up the mystery of who we are — at our core – we are all searching for the same thing, Meaning,
Purpose, fulfillment. ~Ivy

“6 months after training with Ivy, I met my now fiance –
(after being single for 10 years!), The tools will always be part of my life now, its given me much inner peace and confidence”
~ Rita S. Small Business Owner

Don’t just express yourself – fully embody who you truly are.

Ivy’s travels have been filled with several life-altering challenges to which she attributes energetic and spiritual work, as well as personal development tools necessary to help her overcome adversities, thrive and pay these valuable lessons forward.

Growing up under the volatile conditions of abuse, alcoholism and the fierce competitiveness of boxing (her father was a coach and her 2 brothers high-performance athletes), her environment was far from being fostering of love and peace.

At a young age, she was a sole-support parent to her first child, (now 25 years old).

When she found herself in yet another unhealthy relationship, she delved into meditation to help break patterns of unworthiness and low self-esteem.

What she discovered unexpectedly, was profound and unwavering self-love.

Soon after this, she met her husband of 11 years now. Together had a child, and a wonderful blended family.

However, the journey continued, as she became the full-time step-mother to Bianca, her husband’s severely disabled daughter from his first marriage.

When Bianca’s mom, broke her promises of any and all co-parenting, Ivy battled many negative emotions.

She then turned to energy healing, and again was gifted with the power of forgiveness, and inner-peace no matter the circumstances.

As a former corporate sales executive, with Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, and a fitness trainer, Ivy always had a keen interest in elite performance and eventually came to discover the NLP methodology, which gave her a neuro-psychological foundation on which to build and blend all her modalities.

As a Co-Founder of Fusion Empowerment and Leadership Company.

She has come full circle in both her personal and professional life. Turning “wounds into gifts” and “adversity and challenge to opportunity”.

Her accreditations and training:

  • Flow Genome Project Leadership and Coaching (with Distinction)
  • Board Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy
  • Master NLP Practitioner and Coach
  • Master Time Line Therapy™ (Creating Your Future™ Process)
  • Feng Shui Consultant
  • Pranic Energy Healer (Arhatic Yoga level)

The Flow Genome Project is an interdisciplinary, global organization committed to research-based training of ultimate human performance. Over 100 years’ worth of research shows that this state of Flow (or being in the zone) is at the center of peak-performance in all domains. What’s more, the very attributes that Flow maximizes—motivation, learning, creativity, cooperation, and overall well-being are fundamental to success in the 21st century.

Ivy’s approach to coaching is interdisciplinary and holistic, encompassing the entire spectrum of wellness and performance that includes, mindfulness, positive psychology, neuroscience, flow, ancient wisdom and communication mastery.

Ivy is excited and honoured to help other individuals and groups in their journey to mend, expand and reach their next level of high performance and potential.

“”Ivy’s program changed my life, it made Me see things from a new perspective and I realized how much power I had without having to control others or more importantly having them have control over me.”
~ Sarah J., Sales Executive.”

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Certified Coach

American Board Certified – Master NLP Pracitioner, Master TimeLine Therapy. Certified Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

For years, claims of the benefits of NLP have been numerous and covered everything from improved memory and focus, weight loss, overcoming limiting beliefs, and reduced anxiety. Improves every aspect of your life!

Certified Trainer

American Board Certified – Instructor of Hypnotherapy. Instructor of Krassner method, the number one method for hypnotherapy for anxiety, weight loss and smoking cessation.

If you are coach, trainer, counsellor, and would like to know how hypnotherapy methods can enhance your training and benefit your clients, even with sleeplessness and stress reduction, contact me.

Energy Healing

Advanced Pranic Healer, Crystal Healing, Soul Genesis™, Feng Shui Consultant. Natural Fitness Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher!

“Know Thy Self” –Thy True Self!

The body’s Energy Centre’s have been  studied for thousands of years. Energy healing is well-rooted in the scientific principles of frequency and vibration.  It stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal, you’ll benefit  emotionally and physically and it’s accessible for everyone. Spiritual belief isn’t even necessary!


In Every Challenge Lies An Opportunity!
I’m most proud of my blended, modern family. I’ve been gifted with the true meaning of unconditional love, through the care of a disabled child. I took a quantum leap from being a single-mother of 1, to a wife and mom of 4 amazing young women!

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Choose a workshop, or choose customized programs. You’ll find it leads you to the larger and highest purpose of who You came here to Be. The Game has changed. Have Your Inner World meet Your Outer World.

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