In the summer 2008, when my then only child was 13 years old, I was experiencing the joyous freedom of having a older, more independent child and actually having more time to myself (parents who have children coming into the teen years can surely relate).

So I decided to run another race.  I like to enter competitions especially ones that require cardiovascular endurance, sheerly for the fact that I hate doing

Trail Race Map, 5 Peaks Trail Runner Series at Albion Hills, they should call it Albion a "Ton of Hills"

cardio. So to get over that I entered myself into a 15km trail race, organized by 5 Peaks and taking place at Albion Hills Conservation Centre.

I had completed the Nike Toronto 10KM run a few years before, so I thought, hey if I could run 10Km, with minimal training, then I can do 15KM trail, with training.  Further I do not have much of a desire to do a half marathon, my knees don’t do well pounding the pavement that long anymore. So I figured, a 15KM trail would be a happy medium!

So I completed, in about 1.35 hrs, the same amount of time it takes the average half-marathoner to complete their race!!

All I could think of after that was: “They don’t call in Albion HILLS for nothing!”

I will never forget that race for the amount of hilly terrain it was, my right hip hasn’t forgotten it either, it was sore for about 2 weeks after that, and it has sinced flared occasionally.

So here I am back at Albion Hills for another experience.  With my almost 3 year old daughter and my hubby.

It’s a gorgeous day almost 29 degrees out, and Albion Hills has a small splashpad along side a half donut like shaped pool.


What’s really nice is that it also overlooks the lake, to go along with their theme of “Wetland Splashpad”.

The pool ends on both sides of the splashpad, which is very convenient for going to and from the pool to splashpad, as my little one likes the best of both worlds.

Albion Hills is conveniently located just 15 minutes from Vaughan, 15 minute from Brampton and 30 minutes northwest of Toronto.

So perhaps you have your own pool, but it’s always nice to have your kids interact with others, I find water activities just great energy to be around, people are always so happy around the water.

And definitely there are the city parks splashpads, but its different being in the middle of a forested area, with a lake, the air is

Davianna's thinking, Splashpad or Pool...mmm

much more refreshing!

Albion Hills, is known for its mountain biking and hiking, and of course your typical picnic fares, as well as camping.

I haven’t tried biking here yet, but it seems like an obvious choice for mountain bikers, as there seemed to be plenty coming and

going, with the bikes hitched up to the car, at the park gate.

We spent about 4 hours there, we packed a cooler and light snacks and called it day before taking the 15 minute drive back home.

For those looking away to get out of the city, this place is a great spot just within reach of the Vaughan, Brampton and Toronto city limits!